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Yera logo ZPIRE®
Zpire Limited is a consulting company with roots
back to the environmental company Yera® that
was founded in 1999
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Specialized environmental services. Our advisors and affiliated partners have considerable scientific knowledge and expertise and long experience in most industries, with emphasis on oil and gas industry. We assist with:

  • toxicity tests, chemical assessments and dose calculations
  • sampling and analysis of air, water, soil, sediments, biota, products and waste
  • discharge and recipient assessments
  • agriculture and soil studies
  • ecotoxicological and environmental risk assessments
  • assessments and advice regarding waste

Specialized analysis and tests. In collaboration with external accredited laboratories, we offer a wide range of chemical, physicochemical, biochemical and ecotoxicological analytical services and tests. We handle samples of all types of foodstuffs, biota (seaweed, fish, shellfish and other), water (sewage, produced water, groundwater, surface water, drinking water, mineral water), solids (soil, sediments, oil, sludge, scale, LSA, NORM, radiological waste, air and water filters, products,tracermaterials) and more.

Please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Zpire Ltd, P.O. Box 41, NO2027 Kjeller, Norway. Tel: +47 99 58 64 60. Email: post@zpire.no
Org.No. 995.921.065MVA. IBAN: NO47 1503 1838 158.